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Jan Hendrik von Ahlen

Co-Founder & Managing Director JobLeads

Dear Reader,

My name is Jan Hendrik von Ahlen, entrepreneur, business consultant, career coach, and co-founder of www.jobleads.com based in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany.

My professional journey, spanning nearly three decades, has been deeply rooted in providing solutions and empowering individuals to achieve their career aspirations. After completing my business studies in the dynamic environment of New York, I embarked on a career in business consulting, focusing on a variety of international projects. This experience was instrumental in shaping my understanding of the global business landscape, enabling me to provide insightful and culturally-sensitive solutions to a diverse range of clients.

Despite my successful stint in consulting, I encountered my own set of challenges when transitioning careers. Looking for the next big opportunity, I found myself navigating through the complexities of the job market, grappling with questions like:

  • Where do I find the best job opportunities?
  • What are the best companies to work for?
  • How should my resume look like and what is the right format?
  • What about my online brand?
  • How do I showcase my experience in the best possible way?
  • What does it take to convince hiring managers during interviews that I’m the perfect fit to solve their challenges?

Question after question! In my search for answers, I quickly realized that the vast expanse of the internet was riddled with contradictions and misleading guidance. Countless other professionals seemed to deal with similar questions and face the same hurdles. This frustrating experience underscored the urgent need for clear, reliable, and empathetic guidance about the job market.

This is when JobLeads was born!

In 2007, fueled by my experiences and a desire to make a more significant impact, I founded JobLeads together with my brother and a friend. The mission was clear: Help job seekers to land a better job faster!

Since then, we’ve supported thousands of job seekers in over 40 countries to leap forward in their career. Coaching and helping professionals on their journey has become my passion. Our international teams are continuously developing great solutions to navigate the challenges of today’s job market. Our services range from career coaching to providing exclusive access to job markets and headhunter networks.

Through this blog and our social media channels, we aim to extend our expertise to a wider audience. Our goal is to share practical, professional advice to help you confidently maneuver through your career path.

Whether you’re exploring new opportunities, seeking to advance in your current role, or facing a career transition, we’re here to support you with proven strategies and expert guidance.

Let’s work together towards achieving your career goals!