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Free resume reviewFree resume review

Free resume review service

Get a free, confidential resume review.

Six signs you need a resume review
  • 1You send out applications and don’t hear back
  • 2You’ve been out of the job-hunting game for a while
  • 3You don’t know how to sell your skills
  • 4You’re not sure how to use keywords effectively
  • 5You don’t know what to include (or remove)
  • 6You’re unsure about the ATS-readiness of your resume

How it works

Upload your resume
You can simply select your resume, and we’ll do the rest.
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Get detailed, personalized feedback
Within 24 hours, a resume expert will create your resume critique and send you a link to the analysis.
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Fix your resume
Once your analysis is ready, it’s up to you to apply all recommendations made by the expert. Once your resume is in good shape, you are ready to apply for your next position.
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Feedback categories

You’ll get feedback on all the topics mentioned below.

  • Visual appearance

    Visual appearance

    A well-designed resume leaves a lasting impression. Our experts evaluate your document’s visual appeal, optimizing font usage and layout to make sure your skills and experience shine through, capturing the attention of employers.
  • Organization and length

    Organization and length

    A cluttered resume can hinder your chances. We’ll analyze the structure and length of your document, checking problematic sections and ensuring it’s concise, easy to navigate, and impactful.
  • Essential details

    Essential details

    Don’t miss out on essential details! Our review includes a thorough check to ensure all crucial information, such as contact details, work history, and educational qualifications, are accurately included in your resume. Rest assured, nothing important will slip through the cracks.
  • Wording


    Your wording showcases your ability to express yourself. Our review will assess the impact of your resume’s language, ensuring it is packed with compelling action verbs that effectively convey your accomplishments and grab the attention of employers.
  • File


    We’ll evaluate the file type and compatibility to ensure your resume is easily accessible and can be seamlessly opened by hiring managers, but also passes the applicant tracking system (ATS) to maximize your chances of getting noticed and considered for opportunities.
  • Resume screening software

    Resume screening software

    For candidates, it’s always pretty useful to see how an actual ATS will see them. The resume review comes with an ATS test run which will give you the insights you need to make your resume ATS-ready.

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