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Christy Morgan

Career Support Consultant, Career Counsellor, and Interview Coach


My name is Christy Morgan, a Career Support Consultant, Career Counsellor, and Interview Coach with over two decades of rich exposure across diverse industries.

Born in Australia, I spent many years in Scotland and Ireland before relocating to Ukraine, Germany, Canada, and now Slovakia.

My professional journey has woven through senior management, recruitment, talent management, and HR on an international scale. With a degree in English and postgraduate certifications in psychology and education, my passion for language, people, and continuous learning has been the driving force behind my career.

My journey into supporting job seekers began during my decade on the operations side of the recruitment industry. Witnessing a gap in readily available resources for job seekers, especially when opportunities were scarce or when they simply sought advice, inspired me to specialize as an independent job seeker support consultant.

In my role, I assist professionals globally in crafting compelling resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles, while also providing interview coaching and career counselling. Not only that: I’m there to answer those questions that cannot easily be resolved through an internet search, or when someone needs context-specific guidance vs generic advice.

The frustration of job seekers navigating conflicting, one-size-fits-all information scattered across the internet led me to JobLeads. Here, I have amalgamated my recruitment industry background, career consulting, and content writing experience to support professionals worldwide. Through masterclasses, career guides, video tips, webinars, resume reviews, and more, I take immense pleasure in the valuable support that JobLeads gives to job seekers at every stage of their journey.

Much like Jan Hendrik von Ahlen, my commitment is to provide accessible, specific, and up-to-date guidance about the job market. Whether you’re exploring new jobs or career paths, hoping to be promoted in your current organization, or simply want to upskill and develop so you’re ready for future opportunities, we’re here for you!