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Navig8 Group
AED 400,000 - 600,000
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This is an intensive 3 month target driven training programme which has been designed to develop bunker traders in record time. The candidates are given all resources and training needed. In order to successfully complete the training programme you will need to show proactiveness, drive, entrepreneurial qualities and resourcefulness. After successful completion of the program the candidates will be offered a permanent position as a bunker trader.


Phase 1: First month

  • Bunker Operations: Candidates will be assigned a Senior Bunker Operator to teach them how bunker deliveries work. During this process, the candidate will be assigned several deliveries for them to operate and coordinate while being supervised by the Senior Bunker Operator.
  • Vessel Operations: Candidates will get an introduction to vessel operations and will be expected to be able to display understanding of what vessel operators take into consideration when performing bunker planning and procurement.
  • Market Information and networking: Candidates will be asked to show commercial initiative and develop in depth market knowledge from the start. This includes sales training.

Phase 2: Second month

Portfolio development: Candidates spend phase 2 networking and building their customer portfolio simultaneously to develop their sales skills and market knowledge.

Phase 3: Third month

Trading: Candidates will get the opportunity to refine their approach to sales and commence with assisting their newly created portfolios with bunker procurement alongside a senior trader. All candidates are expected to have successfully started trading before the end of phase 3.

Main Responsibilities:

Bunker/vessel operations:

  • Understand the information sharing between Agent, Supplier, Customer and Surveyors.
  • Assist in managing internal and external web portals to keep the status of live operations up to date.
  • Assist various operations desks and perform physical bunker deliveries.
  • Assist the Claims department and escalate incidents to the responsible trader.
  • Gain an overview about vessel operations and voyage planning.
  • Gain understanding of variables affecting TCE of vessels.
  • Develop stakeholder management skills and learn how to communicate with vessel masters, shipping agents, port captains, charterers, surveyors, etc.

Sales Training and Networking:

  • Conduct market research to identify and contact prospective new/potential customers.
  • Market Integr8 and its products to customers.
  • Increase the customer engagement and build your own customer portfolio.
  • Learn about bunker contract terms (GTCs, bunker specifications, claims and liabilities).
  • Understand the process chain of dispute resolution and mitigating measures.
  • Grow market knowledge and understanding to perfect your pitch and customer communications.
  • Undergo compliance training.


  • Develop your personal approach to sales and trading.

Experience & Skills:

  • Experience from the shipping or commodity industries.
  • Capability and drive to work in a fast-paced sales environment.
  • Confident in picking up the phone.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to build relationships.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team.
  • Ability to find solutions to problems (entrepreneurial).
  • Drive, adaptability, resilience and proactivity.