Vice President Assurance - Health, Safety, Environment & Worker Welfare

Expo City Dubai
AED 1,000,000 - 1,500,000
Job description

Vice President Assurance - Health, Safety, Environment & Worker Welfare

The Expo Dubai City Authority is mandated to prepare, deliver and ensure that a high quality and appropriate HSE management and worker welfare solution is in place through a guest-focused, risk-based approach, that sets out to provide best-in-class Health and Safety for all our workforce, visitors and the general public.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The VP Assurance - Health, Safety, Environment and Worker Welfare role will lead and manage the Health, Safety, Environment and Worker Welfare programs and associated plans, milestones, projects, processes and functional KPIs, to ensure alignment with the overall vision for the organisation. Support in managing departmental strategic planning, scope development, budgetary activities, procurement timeline and commercial initiatives and programmes

The main responsibilities for this role include:

Strategic Responsibilities

  • Leading the overall HSE management program in support of the different operations and departments at Expo City Dubai.
  • Provides leadership and direction in all aspects of an assurance HSE department including strategic planning, budgeting and integration with other departments and guest group orientated programs.
  • Lead the Worker Welfare program and approach, and management of an outsourced third-party consultant.
  • Ownership of, and update to stringent HSE and Worker Welfare policy and robust assurance standards.
    Write, consult and communicate a stringent, detailed and in depth HSE strategy, updating and revising with the changing objectives of the organisation.
  • Responsible for assuring against other department activities, initiatives and adherence to policy, most notable real estate and development, community management and events/entertainment teams.
  • Engaging with, influencing and buying in CEO and C Suite level, to provide strategic direction for the organisation, and ensure alignment across all teams.
  • Official spokesperson for the organisation on all matters related to HSE and Worker Welfare.
  • Responsibility to lead any sensitive investigations into health and safety incidents to identify root causes, necessary action, precautionary measures and lessons learned. Report back to executive level.
  • Engage at a strategic level with key external stakeholders such as Dubai Police and other emergency services, RTA, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Municipality etc.
  • Responsible for the provision of effective communication program to deliver health and safety training and awareness to develop a positive operational health and safety culture.
  • Lead on the development and implementation of an in depth HSE inspection and audit plan.
    Introduce best practice to the planning and delivery of HSE operations of Expo City Dubai through smart technologies and a sustainable approach to activities
  • Overall responsibility for compliance with legal requirement related to Health, Safety and Environment, and Worker Welfare labour laws.
  • Drive health & safety into operational decision making to develop a positive operational health and safety culture within operations, projects and events.
  • Recommend solutions to issues, improvement opportunities or new prevention measures to deliver safe operations and ensure public safety.
  • Provides summary reports on worker welfare violations and mitigation plans for Expo City Dubai leadership.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Responsible for ensuring the implementation and maintenance of Risk Assessments and implementation of control measures across the different operational departments and other relevant stakeholders (i.e. service providers, contractors, etc.).
  • Lead escalation of any health and safety incident/accident within Expo City Dubai operations and site to the relevant departments and leadership team including the Division Chief and upwards to including CEO level.
  • Leading on resource planning to ensure provision of sufficient HSE coverage and support to the operations across Expo City Dubai.
  • Escalate issues arising from operational challenges, non-compliance and violations, and ensure that the relevant Division Chief is informed and fully aware at all times.
  • Effective liaison with internal and external stakeholders and maintains a fully coordinated relationship.
  • Lead and champion senior management meetings providing inputs and updates relating to Health, Safety and Environment performance, challenges and achievements.
  • Ability to interpret, enforce applicable and updated laws & regulations, standards and best practices relative to operations within Expo City Dubai.
  • Ensure implementation of periodic HSE performance reviews internally and on all relevant operational departments, stakeholders including service providers, contractors, etc.
  • Manages the responses to design RFIs and review/comment on change orders.
  • Leads on all provision of coaching, training and education on worker welfare and HSE best practice.

People Responsibilities

  • Model safe behaviors, lead by example, and provide advice and assistance to all personnel on HSE and Worker Welfare matters.
  • Engage and maintain working relationship with local authorities including DCD, DCAS, DHA and DM.
  • Monitor the overall performance of the Health, Safety and Environment team members.
  • Identifies education, training or other development opportunities for employees and assists in providing the key messages for the training material where required.
  • Embeds culture and values by role modelling organisational behaviours through excellence, performance management, feedback and coaching


20+ years’ experience at a senior health & safety level as well as:

  • Bachelor’s degree in health and safety / Industrial engineering, or equivalent
  • Professional health and safety certifications and/or accreditation from local and internationally recognised health and safety standards organisations
  • An industry leader, deep understanding of HSE and Worker Welfare guidelines and legal requirements, both nationally and internally.
  • Experience of working in a senior and high pressure environment with excellent communication and report writing abilities at/to Board level.
  • Knowledge across key operational functions, understanding the site management dependencies with the other operational functions and non-operational directorates
  • Experience in working in a multi-cultural organisation, GCC region desirable
  • Excellent team management skills, presentation skills, risk management skills, project management skills, high attention to detail, communication skills.
  • Excellent organisational and motivational skills.
  • Outstanding attention to detail, observation ability and interpersonal abilities.
  • Experience in working in a multi-cultural organisation, GCC region desirable
  • Experience in working with senior level Government partners and multi-agency stakeholders
  • Experience in representation to external parties which may included authorities and media entities.
  • Team management skills, presentation skills, risk management skills, project management skills, high attention to detail, communication skills