Assistant Sound Engineer

Expo City Dubai
AED 200,000 - 400,000
Job description

Firdaus Studio has best in class sound engineering and equipment to be operated in three modes: Recording, Cinema, Event for different tier clients.

Opportunity Responsibilities

The Assistant Sound Engineer will assist the Sound Engineer in delivery of client’s requirements in terms of setup, teardown, studio transitions, equipment storage, maintenance and tracking.

The main responsibilities for this role include:

Sound Engineering

  • Perform sound engineering duties for clients as identified by the Sound Engineer i.e. different mode set-up and break-down i.e. Recording, mixing (Stereo-Surround), Mastering, Microphone Techniques, Digital & Analog Patching, and Live Sound engineering.
  • Prepare protools (and other DAW’s) sessions, routing and labeling and general housekeeping of the sessions.
  • Assist Sound Engineer to create documentation for studio best practices, equipment tracking and logistics.
  • Assist in maintaining client logs, studio logs, engineer logs as required by management.
  • Ensure tasks provided by Sound Engineer are completed and quality of output aligns with the Studio standards for other Tier level clients
  • Setup the equipment i.e. mics, chairs, headphones, music stands and ensure it is in line with the design / session / client requirements as identified by Sound Engineer
  • Rehearse and refine live room transitions between Recoding Mode, Performance Mode and Cinema Mode
  • Assist in setting up and testing sound equipment, conducting sound checks
  • Set up and test the PA, amplifiers, cabling and monitor wedges
  • Act as our backline team, supporting the audio, lighting and musician’s requirements.
  • Calibrate and coordinate the in-ear monitor requirements for the musicians ensuring a noise-free frequency spectrum for the wireless in-ear system.

IT and Networking Management

  • Understand & know the Audio/Video over IP (Dante / DADMAN / Ravenna/ HDBaseT / NDI) patching completely.

Support & Maintenance

  • Perform Level 1 trouble shooting of Audio/Video over IP (Dante / DADMAN / Ravenna/ HDBaseT / NDI) patching completely.
  • Perform Level 1 of Analog and Digital (MADI / AES/EBU etc.) Audio signal flow / patching / transmission completely.
  • Inform Sound engineer about any equipment failure / damage or loss.
  • Liaise with Sound Engineer to track, maintain and store equipment, instruments and cables during and after recording sessions
  • Keep the storage room organized and clean
  • Maintain clear labeling and keep a log of studio issues and repairs for equipment and instruments
  • Keep track and list all analog and digital equipment needed during the recording sessions.
  • Assist as needed with logging, backups and archiving the studio recordings and session files.


  • Maintaining client and content confidentiality, ensuring no leaks and piracy arises
  • Pursue and maintain professional relationships within the studio, clients, musicians, orchestra, colleagues and management.
  • Comply with the policies and procedures of Firdaus studio and Expo City Dubai


3+ years’ experience in a studio environment and working in live sound environment as well as: 

  • Experience in films/albums/advertisements and jingles/music videos
  • Experience working with producers, composers, singers and other artists
  • Experience working in global music industry
  • Experience using studio video equipment
  • Proficient in DAW’s, audio plug-ins, analog audio equipment, and music production techniques
  • Knowledge and good understanding of motion graphics
  • Detail oriented
  • Creative thinker
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills